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About Krista

OCTOBER 20-22, 2023
Ashtanga Yoga Weekend


Friday October 20th  

Pranayama & Chanting 5:30-7:30pm

Spend some time with Krista learning how to incorporate pranayama into your life, which benefit our moods, our bodies, and our Yoga practice. This session will help us better under- stand our breath, which is the most vital process in the entire body, for it is the link to all aspects of our human experience. Pranayama practice helps us to learn how to deepen our control of the breath, which enables the practitioner to
control prana (energy). The control of prana through control over breath is Pranayama, and consistent practice will open the door to our ability to control the body, mind, and soul. We will end our session with seated meditation practice, exploring ways to calm and quiet the mind and body. We'll also incorporate a little chanting into this workshop as well. 
Suitable for all levels.

Saturday October 21st 

Mysore 6-7:45am 

Ashtanga Strength Elements 11-1pm

From the gross to the subtle, this is what Yoga is about. To do that we start with the physical body using asanas and movement to create a fit and strong body, which gives us the framework to cultivate a fit and strong mind. Ashtanga Yoga method is brilliant as it helps us cultivate physical strength while at the same time helping us evolve our mental and spiritual realm. The asanas themselves become more and
more challenging as you work through the first and into the second and third series’. This workshop is designed to assist practitioners on the physical plane focused on fundamental techniques that will aid in building strength and a solid physical foundation that will assist the student in their Ashtanga asana practice, and their overall spiritual journey. Spend the day with Krista learning how to cultivate strength and steadiness of body and mind by exploring alignment, isolated strength building exercises, meditation techniques, positive thinking, affirmations, and much more! Suitable for all

Sunday October 22nd

Mysore 6-8am 

Introduction to Second Series 11-1pm 

The second series of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition is called Nadi Shodhana (nerve cleansing). The asanas of second series are comprised of backbends, powerful and strong balancing postures, hip openers and deep twists that thoroughly cleanse the nervous system. In this session we will explore the second series syllabus of asanas. Students currently practicing second series and beyond will gain greater understanding of the form and purpose of these postures and take their practice to another level. Students still working through primary will find tremendous inspiration for what comes beyond primary series. All students are welcome and all students will truly find a greater appreciation for this yoga method, the sequences of the series’ and a new found level of gratitude for their personal daily practice. It is highly recommended that all who attend have an established practice in the Ashtanga Yoga method.

About Krista

Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga teacher, mother, founder of Olotita and The Yoga Shala, and so much more…

Krista Shirley is dedicated not only to her personal yoga practice and all-around healthy ways of living, but also to teaching others the tools that they can use to achieve true wholeness in all areas of their lives. Krista’s energy and inspiration shine through in everything that she teaches. She specializes in meeting each student where they are, helping them to create healthy daily habits and helping them go inside themselves to truly integrate the body and mind, to let go of the things in their lives that no longer serve them, and to incorporate the things that do serve them.  Krista is here to help you in your wholeness journey and looks forward to sharing this transformation with you.

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