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With a dedicated practice spanning a decade, Ashley has cultivated a profound connection with Ashtanga Yoga since 2013 and has been sharing her wisdom as a teacher since 2017. She established Saint Louis Ashtanga Yoga in 2018, and subsequently expanded its offerings in 2021 to include Morning Mysore, Led Primary, and Yoga Sutra Discussions. Ashley’s unwavering passion for imparting this transformative practice to others is matched only by her deep gratitude for the opportunity to do so. 

Ashley’s background in Physical Therapy & Yoga Therapy give her a unique set of skills she uses to help her students reach their potential while being mindful of everyone’s individual anatomy.




SLAY is excited to be offering an Ashtanga program for students of all levels. 

MYSORE-Ashtanga: This all levels class is the traditional way students are introduced to the Ashtanga yoga practice. It is self paced and the teacher works with each student as an individual- like a private lesson in a group setting. This class accommodates the total yoga beginner to the advanced student, expect to see students of varying levels participating in class. As a new student you can expect more guidance and instruction from the teacher as you familiarize yourself with the practice. Postures are added at a pace appropriate for your body which allows you build up the stamina for practice safely. You can expect your first Mysore class to be about 30-40 minutes. The class is held in the mornings between 6-8am, arrive by 7am. 


Led Primary-Ashtanga: This class is an opportunity for Ashtanga students to “ check in” with the vinyasa count and their breathing as the teacher leads the class through the full primary series of Ashtanga yoga. This class is a compliment to a regular Ashtanga yoga practice. It is recommended that students have familiarity with the primary series prior to attending this class, however is not required. Reach out to Ashley with questions.


Yoga Book Club & Sutra Talk: Yoga is more than just the asana. Join us for an open format group discussion as we dive in and explore ancient Yogic texts and philosophy. We'll discuss in a non-intimidating manor how we can apply these principles to our lives. This class currently meets online. 

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