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  • What is Ashtanga Yoga?
    Ashtanga yoga is practiced in a sequence, which the teacher will guide you as appropriate for your body. Starting gradually and building up. Each movement in Ashtanga is linked to your breath and there are specific points of focus (Dristi). It is recommended that you commit to the Ashtanga method for 1 month minimum, to really allow yourself to experience the power of practice. New students can access an unlimited month of classes for only $70.
  • What is Mysore?
    The name "Mysore" comes from the city in India in which this style of Yoga originated. Mysore class is ideal for students of all levels because the teacher works individually with students of all levels in a group setting. You get all the awesome energy of a group class, but the personalized attention of a private yoga lesson. If you are brand-new to yoga, this is a great way to learn step-by-step. If you are a seasoned practitioner who wants to cultivate more awareness and a self practice, look no further. Mysore classes are held MWF 6-8am, you may arrive anytime before 7am and on Sunday from 7-9am arrive anytime before 8am.
  • How do I pay or register for classes?
    There are 3 ways. · Credit Card. Please use when registering for workshops, purchasing class cards and purchasing monthly unlimited passes. Can be used for drop-ins. This is processed through Schedulicity and here is the link: · Venmo. @ashley-ribaudo-2 Can be used for drop-ins or for Sutra Study donations. Please note the drop in date or Sutra Study in the comments. · Cash. Can be used for drop-ins, Sutra Study donations or for monthly unlimited passes.
  • What do I need to bring? What should I wear?
    Wear clothes that you can move freely in. If you have a yoga mat you may bring that, if not we have one you may borrow. Props are available at the studio.
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