Student Testimonials

Finding SLAY is something I have been thankful for every day since it occurred.  I never was able to stick to traditional gyms but Ashtanga allows me to get the physical work I need while growing mentally and emotionally in ways I was not expecting.  I started as a complete yoga novice and the teaching has helped me to understand what I can be working on while still moving forward in the series.  Every step forward has been guided and discussed with my teacher which is great because some of the poses can be quite intimidating to approach.  

The SLAY community has introduced me to the non-physical side of yoga in an environment that I never felt intimidated in. The community has yogis on many skill levels as well so joining a live class is not scary (plus nobody, teacher excluded, can pay any attention to what you are doing anyway).  -M

St. Louis Ashtanga Yoga has sustained me through this past year. The weekly Saturday morning led practice and following Sutra talks have become an important part of my practice. I am so grateful for this community. -R

Practicing together as a community creates such a feeling of "oneness" We breathe and move together and the boundaries between us fall away. At the same time, the practice is profoundly personal. It moves at your pace with your breath and one often finds themselves with a deeply focused meditation. This dissolving of other and self, inner and outer, has been the practice for me. - M 

Having a yoga community during the pandemic has been such an integral part of not only surviving, but thriving during these challenging times! SLAY adapted quickly to make sure our genuine &accepting community has stayed intact. Ashley's count and cues during Led Primary keep me focused and grounded. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to practice and discuss the Yoga Sutras each week. -K

Each individual in this community comes without judgment. There is only acceptance, encouragement, learning and listening. Ashtanga is difficult and having a community where all our struggles are real, we need others to let us know, we are all in this together. -D

SLAY has been such a fantastic community, and the unique challenges of the past year have been no exception. Led Primary has provided a much needed touchstone both for asana and the interpersonal connection. With the addition of sutra discussions, we not only get to share ideas and interpretations, but we plant seeds for the coming week.

Ashley's dedication to this community is invaluable. She holds space for us in a way that is challenging and supportive, dedicated and compassionate. -K

A moment of grace. Feeling that connection to the practice, to the breath, and to this wonderful community brings that simple moment. One that shines through all the challenges we face. I’m forever grateful to all the amazing souls at SLAY who make that possible. -J